If we truly believe in the love and power of God and act in   such a way that exemplified it we would look like a deliriously joyful group
of optimistic followers. Joyful Hope Presentations  enthusiastically promotes that mission. In fact, we believe that "complete joy" (John 15:11) and "abundant life" (John 10:10) are what God had planned, died,  and  was  resurrected for  since our  creation. Our goal is to provide presentations that  stimulate  and urge people  to live a joy filled life in the fullness of God's grace. Wow, that's easy to say but how do we do it?   We do  it first by incorporating several  different learning  styles  in  each  presentation.    Multi-media,  life  learned examples and stories, biblical  teachings,  music, and  much more.
It is shared in such a way that momentarily frees people from their burdens.   A window is  opened to the  vision of an  unconditionally loving  God who  wants  us to never  doubt that  through Him,  with
Him, and in Him is a joy that is beyond our imagining. We also do it through an enormous amount of prayer. Our prayer team and each of our staff members  pray for  God's  wil l to be  done  at each  and every one of our  presentations.   If  we are  not in  Christ we  have nothing to offer.   Would God bring us  this  far not  to  complete the good He wants us to do?
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